Cross-sell and Upsell

Analysis Objectives and Sample Charts

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell performance improvement projects enable ACG to detect product/service purchase patterns, linkages, and cross-sell opportunities important to increasing a client’s revenues. Results from developing key performance metrics and predictive models enables us to identify, with a high degree of accuracy, those customers most interested in specific products, services and product/service groupings.

The following map illustrates how product pairings and linkages based on current sales information can be portrayed in a typical analysis:

Product Groupings

Based on the customer pairings from above, the predictive model produced the following sample table showing the cross-sell opportunities (labeled Recommend) for the customers who had purchased the listed products (labeled Product Purchased).

Cross -Sell Results

Data Analyzed, Models Used and End Results Achieved

The following details the types of historic data, analyses/models and steps used to perform cross-sell opportunity projects:
• 12 months of past customer purchase data are used to identify which products/services are acquired by which customer groups.
• Predictive analytics is applied to this data to discover profiles of customers most likely to buy the products in each group.
• Profiles are used to develop a target list of customers most likely to respond favorably to specific cross-sell campaigns.
• Pair-wise product associations are also determined to enable the construction of offers featuring the purchase of these paired products.
• Customer product dislikes are also identified so that company does not promote unwanted products.

Benefits Realized and Reference Case Study

The benefits that can be realized include:
• Improve customer knowledge allowing company to better understand what their customers are likely to buy and not buy.
• Increase revenue and decrease costs by identifying those customers most likely to respond to cross-sell campaigns.
• Avoid unnecessary costs associated with designing and building models from scratch.

ACG pre-build models designed for this cross-sell and up-sell application gives our clients a head start in getting to the results.

Click on the link for the case study entitled Improving Customer Cross-Sell and Upsell Marketing Results found in the Resource Center.