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The content of the following White Papers and Research Studies is based on ACG’s actual consulting projects conducted over the past 10 years. The studies are grouped by functional areas. In each of the studies, the company name, data shown and images have been changed to protect the propriety nature of the work performed for these clients. However, the content is a good representation of the problems faced, analyses performed, charts/graphs produced and solutions derived.

We hope these are informative and provide a basis for contacting ACG regarding your company’s specific performance improvement needs. We view business analytics as an important aid in making better informed decisions and improved business results.

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Analytics – ACG Viewpoint

Analytics Image

Analytics – Businesses Holy Grail

This white paper advances the idea that small and mid-sized companies (SMBs) can realize substantial benefits from Business Analytics (BA) as the larger competitors have done. The article provides a number of examples where analytics provided the understanding of what happened and why and also the direction for what to do next. BA tools and techniques, as illustrated in this article, are key to the SBAs long term survival and growth.

Analytics – Predictive Modeling

What is Predictive Modeling? Why is it Important?

This white paper builds the case for using predictive modeling as one of the cornerstone technologies in a company’s decision making process. The article identifies a number of marketing areas where predictive work is most beneficial. For small to mid-sized companies, the technology may be daunting. However, leveraging knowledgeable outside resources, such as ACG, can shorten the path to better understanding and future success.



Marketing – Cross-sell and Upsell

Product Groupings

Improving Customer Cross-sell and Upsell Marketing Results

This research study demonstrates how a marketer can use predictive modeling to determine which products, services and product/service groupings their customers are most likely to purchase. Cross and up sell promotions are built around this information.

Marketing – Churn/Retention Marketing

Reversing Customer Churn by Improving Retention Marketing

The research study demonstrates how a marketer can use predictive modeling to determine which customers have the highest likelihood of ending their relationship with the company.

Marketing – Customer Segmentation

Improving Marketing Campaign Results from Better Customer Segmentation

This research study illustrates the use of segmentation to improve marketing campaign response. Segmentation is the process of classifying customers into homogeneous groups (called segments) where customers in each group share enough characteristics in common to make the segment viable to design specific offerings tailored to them. Data analysis and predictive modeling is used to determine these segments.

Marketing – Web Analytics

How to Get the Full Value from Your Company’s Website

This whitepaper discusses the use of Web Analytics to improve your customer website experience. The paper details how using Google Analytics clickstream data in conjunction with Tableau Software enables the marketer to understand its web customer activity so that changes can be made to enhance site’s overall performance. In addition, the paper provides a number of visual analyses of web based activity and its related performance measures.



Sales – CRM Optimization

Tableau Pipeline Analysis

Turning CRM Data into a Competitive Advantage

This research study demonstrates how using a data visualization application enhances the understanding and use of information contained in a CRM system. By augmenting the information contained in CRM, the sales force is better able to understand cause and effect, make adjustments quickly, and increase sales revenues.

Sales – Lead Qualification Scorecard

Better Prospecting with the Lead Qualification Scorecard

The whitepaper provides a framework for using data mining of past customers information as a means of developing a profile of the ideal prospect. Lead qualification is critical to managing sales resources and meeting sales goals.



Treasury Operations – Cash Flow

Chart of Free Cash Throw-off from Operations

Maintain Financial Flexibility by Identifying and Fixing Cash Flow Shortfalls

This research study demonstrates ACG’s approach to analyzing the generation of free cash flow from operations over multiple years and to identify issues of liquidity and underperforming working capital components. The increase in the uses of cash or decline in the sources of cash resulting in a declining trend in cash throw-off are associated with a poorly functioning cash conversion cycle and future liquidity issues.

Treasury Operations – Credit and Collection

Reducing Bad Debt Expense by Modeling Customer Payment History

This research study describes the use of business analytics in resolving collection and dispute resolution issues common in small to mid-sized companies. The example used in this study illustrates the use of customer behavior and payment history to derive risk scores that represent the likelihood that the customer will become seriously delinquent, be written-off or file for bankruptcy. This approach is significantly different than the traditional method of focusing on the customers who owe the most over the longest period of time.

Treasury Operations – Inventory Control

Improving Cash Flow and Reducing Cost from Better Inventory Control

This research study addresses the need to free up cash from excess and obsolete inventory. With pressures on margins, limited sources of outside funding, as well as, fewer patient investors, companies are being forced to look at all available means of improving cash flow and financial performance. The example detailed in this study illustrates the use of business analytics in significantly reducing days in inventory and increasing annual cash flow by the millions.



Fraud Detection – Healthcare Claims

Improving Healthcare Claim Fraud DetectionAudit Report

There are a number of factors contributing to rising health care costs which are controllable. One of these areas is controlling and reducing fraudulent claim submissions. This research study looks at how the use of data mining and predictive modeling can more effectively identify these claims and assist in mitigating future fraudulent activity.

Fraud Detection – Warranty Claims

Reducing Warranty Claim Expense by Better Fraud Detection

This research study demonstrates how using data mining and predictive modeling can identify possible fraudulent warranty claims and assist in preventing future instances from occurring. With the downturn in the economy, the frequency of fraud is likely to increase and monitoring may be lessened with the reductions in staff.


Fraud Detection – Cash Payments

Improving Cash Payment Fraud Detection

With increase pressures on profit margins, making cash payments that are not based on an actual need only aggravates the situation. This research study demonstrates how using data mining and predictive modeling can identify possible fraudulent transactions (cash payments/payables, expense reports, project payments, etc.) and assist in preventing future instances from occurring.