About Us


Using Analytics to Improve Decisions

Analytics Consulting Group is one of a select number of firms that uses advanced business analytics – data mining, statistics, data visualization, performance measurements, and predictive modeling in solving day-to-day business problems and making better informed decisions.  We don’t write books, give seminars or sell software.  We deliver financial results – increased revenues, larger profits and reduced costs – to medium and large sized companies.

We provide our clients the assessment skills, guidance, analytical tools, and expertise.  ACG strives to be your valued business partner who focuses on understanding the meaning behind your data and using that information to find and implement solutions to your most critical problems.  We give our clients peace of mind and a competitive edge.

How are We Different?

Unlike software companies or other consulting organizations, ACG provides all of the expertise and access to the most advanced software tools at a fraction of the cost of those other providers.  We use diagnostic tools and questionnaires to identify the root cause of problems before venturing into solution discussion.

We use our proof of concept techniques and a simulation environment to test changes to marketing campaigns, forecasting models, new collection techniques, etc.  The simulations enable our clients to see financial results before having to incur any implementation or operational expenses.  The ROI is known before any actions need to be taken.

What Are the Steps to Engage with ACG?

The most frequent way clients engage ACG is by participating in a free one hour consultation, either over the phone or in person.  We get to know your company at its most basic level, understand the issues faced, any data limitations, and goals and objectives being strived for but not obtained.

Based on our discussions, we usually recommend the completion of a diagnostic and/or benchmarking survey to round out our understanding of the company’s situation.  These initial efforts are initiated at a modest fixed price arrangement.  From this preliminary review, we will be able to propose on a fee-based consulting project that would be directed at the areas we both agree are the most important to your company.

The areas of analysis and examples of outcomes and solutions are detailed in the Services section of this website.

What Software Tools do We Use?

We use commercially available software such as IBM (SPSS Modeler) for most of the predictive modeling work.  Tableau (Desktop Professional Edition) is used among other products for data mining, statistical analysis and data visualization.  We also use a number of other analytical tools for high level graphing (SigmaPlot from Systat Software) as well as others software tools.  Overall, we feel that we are using the best tool sets available in the marketplace.  In addition, we are always looking at new products as they are introduced in the marketplace.  In the case of the SPSS family of products (SPSS was acquired by IBM), we have over 10 years of experience with them.