ACG matches best analytics software and delivery solution to the business need

Get Business Data—and Act on It

At Analytics Consulting Group (ACG), we solve business problems, improve performance, and drive decisions that produce bottom-line results.

Our proven business analytic methods can help your company:
• Identify key metrics
• Understand performance issues
• Improve operational efficiency and profitability

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Give Us Your Toughest Business Challenges

ACG can help you:
• Attract and keep customers
• Maintain positive cash flow
• Improve collections
• Reduce fraud
• Boast sales and profits through improved marketing
• Gain valuable insights from your data

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What Makes Us Different?

Our unique diagnostic tools and proof of concept models uncover root causes of problems, quantify their financial impact, and simulate benefits and ROI of the best solution.

See Diagnostic Tools to learn how ACG used five different tools to get to the root cause of your operational problems.

How Our Analytics Can Help You

Visit Resources for whitepapers and research studies that describe:
• A business problem
• Presentation of data
• Analytical tool or predictive model used
• Output graphs and charts of improvements gained

Read our Blog to see how we use Tableau Software and IBM SPSS Modeler for visual, predictive and interactive data analyses.

Free, No-Obligation Consultation

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